Art Models Bonus

Get Full Bonus Poses as a thank you for owning Art Models! Please have your ISBN number or the Code from inside your book handy.

Get Bonus Poses
*May Contain Nudes.*
Artwork by Amanda Makepeace and Amanda Russian

If you are coming here from an eBook:

The products at offer more flexibility in the way you can use the photos. Poses are delivered as collections of JPG photos (try the free bonus for an example). You can:

  • Zoom in to the face, hands, feet, and other difficult areas for greater clarity.
  • Rotate or adjust with standard image editing programs for greater variety.
  • Choose from a catalog of over 5,000 poses and 100 models for greater choice.

Because of their higher quality, the Poses here cost a little more than the Pose ebooks, but they provide more value. Pose Credits reduce the price of individual poses and Session Download Collections bring the price-per-pose down to about $1 each. Give 'em a try. The Art Models Books and Companion Disks are a ridiculously good value and can be found at your favorite retailer (for example, Amazon).

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