Free Pose Credits with the New Art Models 10

It has been a long process, but Art Models 10 is finally coming out in September and I wanted to offer an incentive to buy in the first two weeks after the publication date (first two weeks is important, you can read why below). The incentive:

Buy AM10 PRINT book Sept 1 - 10 on and get a Pose Credits 25 Pack free.
(see below for important rules)

Get 10 Pose Credits (2 poses worth) when you buy the Kindle ebook. A Pose Credits 25 Pack costs $22.50, but you can get that free when you buy the $19.99 book (often less on Amazon). Even if you just wanted the Pose Credits, it would cost less to buy the book ;). Get inspiration for drawing, painting, sculpting, or any other figure art. The Amazon page has a Look Inside feature which will let you see all 100+ poses included in AM10. Check it out.

All the Poses

Not only do you get the Fabulous* Art Models 10, but you also get to choose poses from To keep the price low, AM10 does not come with a Companion Disk but with the Pose Credits you can download your favorite 5 poses from the book with full multi-view, high-resolution photos. Or you could choose any other poses from

* - Is Art Models 10 really "Fabulous" or am I just saying that? Please take a moment to read the reviews at the end of this email and decide for yourself. They are an excerpt of just some of the early reviews for AM10. (Thank you very much to all the people who took the time to read the book and share your thoughts with me. They are immensely helpful and I am grateful!)


Please read carefully. Credits are only given when you do this:

  • Buy the softcover version of Art Models 10 from between September 1 and September 10 and get 25 Pose Credits (enough for 5 regular-price poses).
  • Buy the ebook version of Art Models 10 from during the same dates and get 10 Pose Credits (worth $10.00).
  • Then, email me your receipt ( and include your PoseSpace login name.

That's it. I will add the Pose Credits to your account on (If you don't have an account, you can make one free.) Limit 1 Pose Credit pack per customer, valid only for purchases made 2017-09-01 to 2017-09-10 on, and must be redeemed before September 30, 2017.

Why Amazon and Why those Dates?

Early sales and early reviews in the first month after a book is published are critical to its success. Also, is by far the largest book retailer and their algorithms can help sell a book or can plunge it into obscurity.

Sales and reviews demonstrate to the algorithm that people are interested in a book. Amazon will then show the book to more people, which propels more sales. Amazon then shows it to even more people, leading to even more sales. It's a virtuous cycle. Getting sales and reviews when a book first comes out demonstrates that the book is popular. It can also be important for other opportunities. People in the book business look to results on Amazon when assessing a book.

So if you have any interest in Art Models 10--for yourself or as a gift for someone--please buy it in the first 10 days. And get a Pose Credit pack as my thank you!

Please Share the News!

Would you like to help? People appreciate hearing about genuinely useful tools. If you have a blog, newsletter, Facebook page, twitter account, or belong to a Group related to art, please let them know about Art Models 10. It could be something as simple as a tweet 'Art Models 10 comes out Sept 1. Excited!' or as elaborate as one of the reviews below or anything in between. If you would like to share the news of the free Pose Credits you can share this link .

> > > However, as the moderator of a figure art group I know spammy or salesy messages are not welcome. So please only share where appropriate and where people might genuinely benefit from a quality figure reference. Certainly it's not for everyone. But for some it could be a welcome discovery.

Here's the cover image and the link:

Thank you! (on a personal note, wouldn't it be cool if together we could get Art Models 10 onto an bestseller list!)

Praise for Art Models 10 from Experienced Artists

"Art Models 10 is a wonderful, useful solution for artists as a reference tool in many formats. The variety of high-quality, well-lit photos of a wide range of humans and human body types, makes this a valuable book for Figurative Artists around the world. Art Models 10 is the kind of professional reference tool I am sure Leonardo would have had on a his bookshelf and his computer, if he had one."

Jeffrey Wiener, Artist/Publisher. Visit his site, The Great Nude

"Art Models 10 is a fantastic addition to the series that offers improvements on earlier editions, the clear contents page and tiles showing thumbnails of each pose/model with the page number make jumping to the pose you want much quicker than previous editions. The lighting is stronger which gives brilliant shadows and when combined with both classic poses and the more dynamic ones produces images that scream to be drawn or painted.
Posespace is my first stop when I'm searching for references and the Art Models series are a very affordable way to purchase a large collection of high quality images that features a wide variety of model and poses."

Hamilton Tweedale. Artist. See his portfolio

"The BEST 'Live Model' book ever. It is full of art instruction, hand & foot references for drawing practice, portraits and figures... in fact it's a VIRTUAL life drawing workshop which you will find forever useful and invaluable."

Pauline Adair. Artist and Teacher. See her figure work.

"Setting up a studio and lights, finding models, understanding poses... it's a lot of prep work to get to the part we want to get to: the drawing and painting part. So imagine my excitement when I recently came across Art Models 10 a book filled with beautiful photographs by Douglas Johnson. Douglas launched the Art Models series, full of perfectly lit models in both artistic poses and action poses, with a variety of attitudes and movements. It's an inspiration for students, professionals and every artist inbetween."

Charlene Collins Freeman, NWWS. Artist and Teacher. Check out her blog.

"As figurative or character artists, it's essential to study the human figure from life. Nothing replaces that experience. However, as access to a studio space with a model can be difficult or not always accessible at every hour of the day, Art Models has provided the absolute best resource I have come across that comes as close to being in a live studio as you can achieve."

Samantha Youssef. Author, Instructor, Founder of Studio Technique. Visit Studio Technique

"This book is a great reference for artists. Art Models 10 has it all from extreme poses to facial expressions, great lighting, model diversity, and even gives some tips for drawing from the reference. I cannot recommend this book enough."

Gary Calhoun. 3d and 2d artist. Check out his 3D Tutorials facebook group.

"An invaluable reference guide for artists to supplement their access to live models with a vast assortment of attitudes and movements. One finds LMB's corps of life models to be fit, physically well-defined in delivering energetic poses."

Lancel McElhinney. Visual artist, writer and oral historian. See his work.

"Art Models 10 (and the whole offer of offers an affordable and extremely easy to use solution. The images of Art Models 10 are tasteful, inspiring, extremely detailed, and made clearly with making the artist’s work easier in mind. For a beginner, these poses are the perfect solution for more natural and powerful art; for the experienced, it is a perfect reference library that is always at reach. The images include many full body poses, plus extra chapters for head and hand/feet poses, which I think would make excellent drawing practises, even for the most experienced.
The fact that they are royalty free is also extremely relevant for the artist, as most times galleries, contests, and exhibitions, will not allow to show or sell work that contains copyright infringement of any kind. Not having to worry about this at all makes our work so much easier, and again, it shows how much the artist’s needs are always taken into consideration. Unless you are an artist, you will not believe how many hours we can spend searching for the right references, so the usefulness of this ebook, and of the whole site, is really invaluable.
I think that comic artists, fantasy artists and Pagan artists could benefit greatly from purchasing this book, no matter their level of expertise. There is a great variety of ages, races and body types, and I can see a lot of the images being used for great illustrations and comic scenes, as well as many that could inspire beautiful paintings in more classical styles – the balance between the modern poses and the more conventional, established ones is really remarkable."

Carolina Gonzalez. Artist. See her art.