What is PoseSpace.com?

About "Poses"

Everything is organized by the idea of the "Pose".
A Pose is a set of photos that show one posture photographed from different angles. Usually they form a complete 360-degree rotation, like this.
The photos are stored together in a .zip file. You download the .zip file, open it, and the photos are ready to use. The photos are standard JPEG format, making them easy to use on just about any device. They are photographed at high resolution (especially the newest ones) making a lot of detail available in every photo.

Major Features

  • Pose Tool

    - search and find Poses for free. Access your Library to download Poses. If you create a login, you get 2 sample poses to try for free. Give it a try! It can answer a lot of questions.
  • Downloads

    - Buying a pose adds it to your permanent Library where it can be downloaded multiple times. Big downloads (Sessions, Companion Disks) are meant to be downloaded once and eventually expire. Since we do not keep track of them forever, they do not require you to create an account.
  • News & Specials

    Check this frequently - a list of new models, new Sessions, and new features or products. Sometimes lists special deals and prices. Also talks about other projects related to Art Models. Basically, anything new and noteworthy.
  • The Store

    - This is where the large downloads can be found, which are collections of poses at a very big discount. You can also find books and disks.
  • Artworks

    - lets you see other artists' work inspired by Art Models photos or share your own.
  • Account section

    - lets you log in/out, opt in/out of emails, and retrieve a forgotten login.
  • Contact

    - Have an idea for a pose? Let us know. Have a question about how something works? Ask a question. The Art Models photographer and publisher reads all Contact emails.

Free to Use!

Pose Tool

Find poses in the Pose Tool with a variety of search and sorting options. That shows a 1-megapixel watermarked preview photo for each pose and links to all views. No requirement to purchase anything nor to create an account.
If you do want to buy a pose—for access to the full size photos (up to 50 megapixels each)—you can add them to your cart from the Pose Tool or buy them immediately with Pose Credits. Credits give a discount. This does require a login so we can keep track of your poses for you.

Recently Added Poses

The most recent additions to the website can be found here. If you're looking for what's new, this is the place to go.

Model List

This gives a list of every available model with a sample photo. If you want an overview of the body types, ages, ethnicity, genders, etc. that are available look here.

Favorites Tool

From the Pose Tool, you can add poses to a list of Favorites. This is great if you're thinking about a project and want to consider a variety of poses side-by-side. The Favorites Tool also lets you sort by a range of criteria. You can also use Pose Credits directly from the Favorites Tool.


See work that other artists are doing with Art Models photos or submit your own. Let's you link to your own website and/or link to ours.

Requires a Login

Pose Library

We are not fond of sites that require us to login. So on our site, there are only a few things that require a login. One is when you buy a pose from the PoseTool. When you do, we add it to your Library so you can come back anytime and access it again.

Favorites Tool

You can save poses to a Favorites list. When you come back, your favorites list will be saved here for you. In order to do that we need to know which list you want to view and that is done with a login.

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