Educational Use of Photos

One of our goals has always been supporting figure art students by providing quality materials at a reasonable price.
If one of the methods below does not help, we are happy to work with you. Please Contact Us.
All photos are copyright (c) Douglas Johnson.


Perhaps the easiest method to get photos to students is:

  1. Purchase a Pose set and select an image to display for a class.
    There is no charge to display any of our photos for a live class (in person or video conference).
  2. Send students to to sign up for an account and purchase their own set(s) to work from. New logins get two free Poses and several more free can be found in the Pose Tool.

Discount Options

Teachers can license full Poses, Sessions, or Companion Downloads for their students at a 50% discount from our lowest price Contact Us. One copy is purchased for each student.

  • For Sessions and Companion Downloads, teachers can email us a list of student's email addresses and we will send a download link. The email addresses will not be used for marketing.
  • In the case of Pose Downloads, students need to make logins at and we will add Poses or Pose Credits to each student's Library.

Our preference is to have students download the purchased products from our website. Alternatively, teachers can provide downloads directly to students if the downloads can be secured such that only students may access them.

Free Options

  1. We have developed an "Educator's Pack" of photos for use in teaching. This is a selection of photos resized down to HD video resolution.
    Email us or use the Contact Form to ask for details.
  2. Teachers can give to students up to 5 full resolution photos (not full Poses), without charge, provided:
    • The teacher sends us an email letting us know of the use.
      This avoids problems when we discover our photos being used so we don't take legal action.
    • Show a prominent notice that the photos are being "Used with permission of"
  3. Any number photos can be displayed in a live, not recorded, setting. For example, a non-recorded conference call or a live classroom.
    Students must be informed that the photos are provided by and are used with permission.
  4. In the case of video, any of our 5000+ preview photos may be used in instruction videos.
    These can be found at{Pose Name}.jpg . For example, .
    Please send us an email letting us know where the photos are being used. Contact Us

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