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A Pose is a collection of photos.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see 24 thumbnail photos. Each one links to a full-size 25MP photo. Zaza016 happens to be clothed, but most Poses on this site are nudes, as you would expected for a figure drawing reference.

Samantha Youssef

The absolute best resource I have come across, as close to being in a live studio as you can achieve.
At get the best at a reasonable price!

Used several models as a reference.
By Tim Skinner

Great for Painting
Artwork by Amanda Makepeace and Amanda Russian

Drawing and Sketching
See at Youtube

Make a 3D model
See on Sketchfab

Choose your View
Or choose several like this interesting composition by Kjetil Hansen.

Anything else you can think of

Any project that would benefit from a high quality, high resolution figure reference

  • Great for sculpture
  • Anatomy Reference
  • Professional art*
  • Gesture sketching

* - Royalty Free! Sell your work that uses our poses as a reference. Does not mean Copyright free. See here for details.


Practice to Perfect

All of us need practice, no matter how accomplished. Without life-long rehearsal, even the best of skills will eventually wane. Plus, all artists can find enjoyment in the mere indulgence of drawing as an end in itself.
- Butch Krieger, artist & author

Zaza016 Sample Pose

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