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A Pose is a collection of photos.
At the bottom of the page you will see 24 thumbnail photos. Each one links to a full-size 25MP photo from the Zaza016 Pose. Zaza016 happens to be clothed, but most Poses on this site are nudes, which you can browse for free in the Pose Tool.

Used several models as a reference.
By Tim Skinner

Great for Painting
Artwork by Amanda Makepeace and Amanda Russian

Drawing and Sketching
See at Youtube

Make a 3D model

Choose your View
Or choose several like this interesting composition by Kjetil Hansen.

Anything else you can think of

Any project that would benefit from a high quality, high resolution figure reference

  • Great for sculpture
  • Anatomy Reference
  • Professional art*
  • Gesture sketching

* - Royalty Free! Sell your work that uses our poses as a reference. Does not mean Copyright free. See here for details.

Samantha Youssef

The absolute best resource I have come across, as close to being in a live studio as you can achieve.
At get the best at a reasonable price!

Practice to Perfect

All of us need practice, no matter how accomplished. Without life-long rehearsal, even the best of skills will eventually wane. Plus, all artists can find enjoyment in the mere indulgence of drawing as an end in itself.
- Butch Krieger, artist & author

Zaza016 Sample Pose

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