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Sessions are a great value. You get to choose the session that has the poses you want and receive a collection of poses at a fraction of the price of buying them as separate downloads. It's one of the ways we try to fulfill our mission of making quality reference material available at a very affordable price!
Sessions contain all the photos from a single modeling session. Some particularly large sessions are divided into two parts to keep prices low and download sizes reasonable. Starting at $14.99 or just $.50 per pose, they provide a cost effective way to collect all the photos from your favorite sessions or models. Each pose is shown in high resolution and in full 360-degree surround view with 24 photos per pose (unless otherwise noted). You can zoom in for close-ups on every one of the images to see fine details in eyes and ears, fingers and toes, or any area that requires a closer look.
A download link will be emailed to you (please add posespace.com and livemodelbooks.com to your allowed senders list). You can then start your download right away. You can download the file(s) up to five times in the next seven days.
Note: A High Speed internet connection is required for a successful download.
Once purchased, downloads are available here.
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Choose a Model name, or "All" for every session. Then choose a session from the drop down list below.

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Once purchased, downloads are delivered to your computer for you to keep. You are given 120 days in which to complete the downloads from the  direct downloads page .

Choose a Session from the list:

Susan Session 2 Download


See below for a list of the included poses.
303MB. Downloadable format of the Susan Session 2 CD. All the poses from the second photo shoot with Susan.

Sessions can be downloaded up to 5 times for 120 days after purchase. There are 24 full-size photos for every pose, unless otherwise noted in the description. For example, a session that shows 10 poses below would contain 240 photos.

Susan Session 2 Download $14.99 Click a photo to enlarge it. Click the Show All Angles link to see all the photos included with a pose. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the book number in which the pose appears.

susan201 (1)
24 views, 3.7 MP
susan202 (1)
24 views, 3.0 MP
susan203 (1)
24 views, 3.6 MP
susan204 (1)
24 views, 2.6 MP
susan205 (1)
24 views, 2.6 MP
susan206 (1)
24 views, 4.1 MP
susan207 (1)
24 views, 7.8 MP
susan208 (1)
24 views, 6.1 MP
susan209 (1)
28 views, 3.4 MP
susan210 (1)
28 views, 4.9 MP
susan211 (1)
28 views, 5.8 MP
susan212 (1)
28 views, 5.7 MP
susan213 (1)
28 views, 3.8 MP
susan214 (1)
28 views, 6.7 MP

Susan Session 2 Download $14.99


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