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Available in a variety of formats to fit your needs and budget!
Art Models available in four formats-- softcover with or without the Companion Disk and hardcover with or without the Companion Disk.
Art Models 2 available in two formats--hardcover with or without the Companion Disk.
Art Models 3, Art Models 4, and beyond available in Hardcover with the Companion Disk.
Direct Downloads of Sessionse-Books, and Companion Disks.
Instant Delivery, No Shipping & Handling Charges!
Save time and money with Direct Downloads of the Session Disks and Art Models e-books. Get your favorite products for the same price as the paper or disk version but without the wait and without the shipping and handling fees! You get all the same material simply packaged in a Zip file. When you complete your purchase, a download link will be provided and you can start your download right away. You can then download the file up to five times in the next seven days.
Note: A High Speed internet connection is required for a successful download.
Companion Disks
Per pose, the Companion Disks are by far the most economical way to get Art Models. Every disk contains at least 60 poses, over 1,400 high resolution photos. Each disk (DVD-r for Art Models 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and CD-r for 2, 3, and 4) contains all the poses from the corresponding book plus bonus poses. All poses are photographed in rotation, usually 24- views per pose. See all the poses included with each disk at the bottom of the Companion Disk shop or see the contact sheets at the Pose Tool for sample photos. Disks are PC and Mac compatible.
Model Session Disks
Also includes the Art Models Ultra disks.
Model Session Disks contain all the photos from a single modeling session. Starting at $14.99 or just $.50 per pose, they provide a cost effective way to collect all the photos from your favorite photography sessions or models. Like the Companion Disks, each pose is shown in high resolution and in full 360-degree surround view with 24 photos per pose. The Session Disks, however, enable you to be more selective in the poses that you choose and have been a top requested item from many customers. Disks are PC and Mac compatible.
Downloadable Poses  ( Pose Credits available )
Downloadable poses are available in your library instantly if you use Pose Credits or as soon as your payment is processed (usually within minutes for Credit Cards, but can be delayed if you use, for example, an e-check).
You choose poses from the Pose Tool where you can
  • Search by a variety of criteria
  • View a low resolution preview of one angle (the actual photos are much larger), and
  • See the remaining angles in a contact sheet.
When you find poses you like, you can add them to your cart or to your Favorites. Once you purchase a pose, you will have access in your library to a .Zip file with all the views (24) for that pose.
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This site has nude Art Models for Fine Arts, Illustration, Crafts, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting  & for anyone with a serious  interest in the human figure. These large full-color photos of model poses were photographed specifically for artists. Our goal is to contribute to the execution of art of the human figure. To that end, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality figurative art nudes of a variety of female and male models for artists in any media.